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  • Spencer K., Merrill Lynch
    Liz is a great instructor! Her videos break down the sections in way that makes it easy to stay focused. The handouts that came along with the lectures helped make topics very clear. Her strategies on how to remember certain topics helps the information stick in your head. I would…

We are proud to announce that the PICPA has chosen SurgentKolar as their Preferred Provider.

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How Many Hours Do You Need To Study To Pass The CPA Exam?

how many hours do you need to study

See why so many candidates are passing the CPA exam the first time with SurgentKolar CPA Review’s unique adaptive learning approach!

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Jack's down-to-earth, practical approach to teaching Federal Taxation will keep you engaged, clarify difficult topics, and help you pass the CPA exam.


Liz’s students love her style of teaching so much. Her methods truly help her students master the CPA Exam. View the following video to see for yourself:

liz bec overview

Overview of the BEC Portion of the CPA Examination



Why choose SurgentKolar? 
We offer a focused and streamlined approach to passing the CPA exam.

Below are some facts about our course: 
  • Lectures are 1 hour or less.  Our lectures and software are compatible with iPads, tablets, android devices, etc.
  • We have an 87% pass rate.
  • Over 100 Video Lectures
  • We not only TEACH content, we also go over 100’s of multiple choice questions and simulations in class.  Customized study notes are also prepared for each lecture giving the student an immediate study aide, which helps to reduce study time.
  • Liz and Jack also walk the candidate through, step by step, tasked based simulations and other necessary problem solving questions.  New this spring – we have separate lectures devoted to solving AICPA released task-based simulations.  Many students report that the TBS are the hardest to solve.  These lectures will give students the edge they need to pass and are included in the course at no extra charge
  • Our approach is 100% personalized while still providing ownership.  Students combine the lectures with our adaptive learning software, and are given a customized study guide based on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students can contact our instructors directly.
  • We use adaptive learning software, helping students to reduce study time. MCQ's 5,600 (AICPA-Licensed), 250 task-based simulations, integrated textbooks, complete practice exams, included in the software at no additional charge.
  • We have a Study Planner – Simply enter the date of the exam, choose what days of the week you plan to study, and the software will calculate the recommended time of study per session.
  • Tuition payment plans also available on discounted tuition.
Have you tried other courses, without success.  Test-drive our course for only $797.50 for the full course or $225 per part.  Our adaptive learning technology, combined with our streamlined videos will get you the added points you need to pass. Call to enroll!

Ready to enroll? Call 800-778-7436 now!

Sign up our video of the month series. 

Each month, Liz will review a selected topic from the CPA exam with sample multiple choice questions and simulations.  This month’s topic:  Internal Control - Transaction Cycles

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